Always Another Goal

I am now about 2 weeks out from Edinburgh Marathon, with my last long run programmed for this weekend (20 friggin’ miles?!). I’m dreading this last long one, although I’m not sure why. As usual, I have full support of my running club who’re pacing me around different segments. Despite not having run the marathon yet – and definitely not completed the training – I’m already planning my next goal.

Although I very much intend to get a good rest in post-Edinburgh, one of the things I’m absolutely terrified of is stopping “for a moment” and ending up completely giving up exercise. You’re probably thinking “why would you do that?” but I’ve seen so many participants both locally in my running club and further afield do this very thing, it’s a genuine concern of mine. But here’s the thing though: my next goal? It’s not some big run.

I’ve been gradually decreasing my strength work over the past couple of months. Some of it has been deliberate: doing gentle leg days after a long run instead of before so that I’m not overly fatigued, and some less so but my priority post-marathon and post-rest is to dig deep and really get my strength back on track. I want to up my numbers, get back to the sort of weight I was lifting at prior to marathon training, and then? I want to enter a powerlifting competition.

I’ve been watching instagram buddies over the past couple of years dabble with comping and everything about it appeals to me. I know the competitiveness will give me greater focus to nail my form and smash personal bests, but more than that it’ll prove (to myself if nobody else) that I’ve not wasted all these hours in the gym; that when it comes down to it, I AM strong. Further, stepping up and grinding alongside badass strong women? Holy cow, what a dream.

It’s an exciting prospect, and I’m unbelievably nervous because it’s so far out of my comfort zone, but that has always been when I’ve achieved the best things in my life.

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