Review: Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 Trainers

I bought a pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 trainers back in November 2018 after my old asics gave up the ghost (and took a chunk out of the back of my heel in the process). Although I don’t actually do CrossFit, I do a variety of sports on a regular basis and adaptability is important to me. I picked the Nano 8.0s because they were supposed to be versatile: designed for crossfitters, it meant that they would easily pull their weight in the gym, doing HIIT or short runs. I don’t actually run in my Nanos as I exclusively run in barefoot trainers, but I do a lot of walking and knew any that stood up to runs would be fine for walking.

I managed to find a pair for £68 in a ‘less desirable’ colourway (because I really don’t care about that sort of thing):

I bought the mens trainers (for a wider toe box) in a 7.5 rather than my usual 7, because several online reviews complained that the shoes came up small. This was a wise decision, as the 7.5 were a perfect fit.

I put the Reeboks to use as soon as they arrived, covering 4 miles in back and forth school runs. They were comfy, not too much support (I prefer that: my feet are capable of supporting themselves) and no obvious seams or gaps. I’m the sort of person who cuts labels out of pants and returns clothes if they “don’t feel right”, so this is more important than you’d probably think.

However, despite the comfort, I was disappointed on the first outing. The ground outside was wet; it wasn’t raining, but had been earlier that day. As I walked, the water on the path was flicking up the front of the trainer and wicking through the breathable fabric. By the time I got home the trainers and my socks were soaked despite me not actually standing in any puddles. Given how wet the UK is on the whole, this is not entirely practical and it means I’ve had to avoid wearing the trainers on occasions when I would have liked to. The wicking has caused dark patches on the trainer toe box, although these fade as they dry out.

Wet weather disappointments aside, I’ve not had any problems with the Nano 8.0s in the gym, which is my primary use point. They’re flexible enough that I don’t feel restricted by the stiff sole or the upper, which as a barefoot shoe wearer is a massive selling point (my other trainers can be rolled into a ball!) This flexibility meant they also performed well during recent explorations into more ‘fast paced’ football and netball sessions: these are trainers designed to move as you move. They’re solid rather than having that walking on clouds feeling, and nearly completely flat which is crucial for performing a range of heavy barbell work and dumbbell accessories, and the multidirectional grip of the rubber sole is second to none compared to other multi-purpose trainers I’ve tried.

I’m happy with my the Reeboks, despite the wet weather gripe, and look forward to smashing these to death like my last trainers.

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