Lockdown Goals: Week 2 check in

This is the third post in a series I started after realising recently that my apathy and laziness was causing weight gain and a relapse of my more severe PMDD symptoms. You can read the rest of the posts here, from oldest to newest:

Goal: Minimum 10,000 steps a day

This goal is still proving ‘interesting’. Most days this week I’ve had to spend half an hour pacing back and forth at 10 o clock at night to meet my goal before bed. Nonetheless, I am still managing to hit 10k every day, just:

step count for may 28th - june 3rd, just scraping 10000 a day

(The blue one is today, so far…)

Although I’m loathe to change this goal at all, I do think I could put a bit more effort in to break above 10k at least once a week, but am not quite ready to commit to that just yet!

Goal: Three bodyweight sessions a week

As with last week, I’ve had no problems hitting the goal of three bodyweight sessions a week. This past week I’ve done a few PE with Joe sessions (the Monday session this week was BRUTAL), another session of Yoga with Adriene and DISCOaerobics with Carly on Friday. I’ve done a few ROMWOD sessions but could do better with that one.

Goal: Three weighted workouts a week

This is where my improvement lies this week. I did a short back and shoulders session on Monday with dumbbells, and have completed a good benching session today. Having been worried that my strength was fading away while I sat around doing nothing, I surprised myself this morning with how much I still had to give on bench (which is my weakest lift anyway).

Still haven’t hit the goal of three sessions this week, but I can feel the fire in my belly to LIFT ALL THE THINGS for the first time in a while, so that’s nice.

Is it working though?

Last week I was reticent to say that this was working – i.e. having any effect on my mood and PMDD symptoms – because while I was stable, that wasn’t enough in itself to say to me “you’re on the up”. However, I’m currently 2-3 days premenstrual and this would normally be the time where the shit hits the fan, so to speak. But I’m ok? More than that, yesterday I managed to deal with an entire day of a stroppy, downright rude 10 year old (pre-pubescent daughters, eh) and didn’t even raise my voice. This might be a good cycle. I might even be late, and the shit is going to hit the fan later on. But for now this is definitely progress in the right direction.

In terms of my weight, this week sees it back up ever so slightly at 73.9kg. However, I had a weekend of birthday celebrations for my 8 year old, I’m due on, and I reintroduced creatine monohydrate on Monday night as precursor to my PT sessions starting back up which is known for increasing water retention in the initial dosing period. I’m really not worried about that number if my physical progress (fat loss, for that important estrogen balance) and mental health are heading in the right direction.

Lead photo by Larissa Gies

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