Lockdown Goals: Week 5 check in

This is the next post in a series I started after realising recently that my apathy and laziness was causing weight gain and a relapse of my more severe PMDD symptoms. You can read the rest of the posts here, from oldest to newest:

Goal: Minimum 10,000 steps a day

Oh dear.

Not only have I not managed to crack 10k steps AT ALL this week, but due to a dodgy knee, I’ve not run either. After having blamed the rain (or at least, in part) for my lack of effort last week, I don’t even have that excuse this week: the weather has been glorious! I feel lack of enthusiasm has been the main problem. I need to get in the habit of breaking my steps goal up during the day, rather than waiting until 9pm and then trying to fit everything in before bed (and I go to bed at 10pm).

My knee is feeling solid again though, so I’ll be running within the next day or so.

Goal: Three bodyweight sessions a week

I have sort-of managed this goal. A discoaerobics session on Friday, yoga and a few ROMWODs count for the most part towards this goal. I started PE with Joe on Monday intending to finish (as that’d definitely count to my “MEATY” – see last post – requirements) but my knee gave way about halfway through. 🙁

Goal: Three weighted workouts a week

Still managing to fit in my two sessions of bench per week, including 3 reps at 50kg. This isn’t far off my 1 rep max, set before lockdown, so am really positive that I’m making up for lost time here.

I also squatted properly this week (yesterday) for the first time in months, although it was part of the bench sesh so I’m not counting it as a workout on its own. I also failed to take it steady and ramped straight up to 80kg in my excitement so have ALL THE DOMS today. What a prat.

More effort needed if I’m going to make it to three weighted workouts a week.


Despite not really meeting the movement goals over the course of the past week (even with me talking about how determined I was in the last post) my mood is continuing to stay stable and that is ultimately what this is about. Regardless of progress in numbers, I can’t be pissed off if I’m seeing the results I wanted in the first place.

I’m heading into premenstrual territory in the coming day, so the next week will be interesting. Cross fingers this stability holds.

Lead photo by Larissa Gies

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