Lockdown Goals: Winding up

This is the last post in a series I started after realising recently that my apathy and laziness was causing weight gain and a relapse of my more severe PMDD symptoms. You can read the rest of the posts here, from oldest to newest:

Although I had planned to continue this series until things started to resemble something closer to normality, before I knew it, I’d missed a week or so and the reality hit me that normality may be a looong way off. Nobody wants to read a weekly update of “nope, still not hitting 10k steps a day” 😉

On the plus side, realising back in May that I was slipping into a downward spiral and setting myself targets has done the job I intended it to: I’m back on track. I’m moving most days. I’m focusing on small wins like remembering to take my supplements (magnesium and potassium seem to help my PMDD), fitting in stretches and mobility, etc. I might not be consistently hitting 10,000 steps a day, but that arbitrary number was never the end goal.

PE with Joe ends next week, so I may have to get more creative in how I maintain movement while juggling kids and work, but the gyms open here in the UK on July 25th, so all being well I’ll be able to start incorporating a more comprehensive workout schedule. In addition to that, my local running group are now opening small group runs as of this week on a ‘register for attendance’ basis, which means I might even be able to consistently run. Hopefully taekwon-do sessions won’t be far behind now.

My first powerlifting competition should have been this weekend, and I’m sad that it isn’t going to happen (I completely understand, obviously); I need to be careful not letting the upset of missing that derail my progress from the past couple of months. I think now is the time to start thinking about setting more reasonable long term goals for the year, with a hefty dose of “what I should aim for if everything goes to shit and locks down again”.

Probably won’t be walking 10k steps a day though.

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